Selling on eBay

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     There are many items that cannot reap their actual value in the local market. Through experience and research we can advise you what is best sold on eBay versus the Estate Sale.
     All listing fees and final value fees will be paid by the estate.  As we only list what sells, these will always be covered by the profits of the online listings.  The recent average of sold versus not sold is over 95%.

     Selling on eBay is a nice feature as heirs can watch the auctions from anywhere in the world. It allows profits to  begin flowing from the estate long before the estate sale begins.

    Buyers are required to make payment via PayPal online payment system.  They are also responsible for all shipping and insurance costs. Using PayPal allows the heirs to receive their profits via the Internet, which they can then transfer to their bank accounts.  Everything is completely transparent and easily accounted for with this system.

     Selling on eBay can also be done for people who are downsizing and moving. This part of our service requires a separate contract, outside of the organizing, estate sales and estate services agreements.
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